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10 tips for falling asleep in hot weather

Having trouble falling asleep because of the heat? Discover our 10 effective tips to help you fall asleep easily even in hot weather. Hot nights will no longer be an obstacle for you with these practical tips.

1. Leave windows and shutters closed during the day.

How do you sleep during heatwaves?

To maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature, we recommend that you keep your interior dark by closing the windows to prevent heat and sunlight from entering your room. This will allow you to fall asleep more easily and sleep better.

2. Eat a light meal

10 tips for sleeping in hot weather

It is recommended not to eat heavy in the evening for several reasons related to digestion and sleep.

First of all, when we eat foods that are too fatty or too sweet in the evening, digestion is slower and can raise the body temperature, thus disturbing sleep. It is preferable to eat light, balanced meals in the evening, such as raw vegetable salads, cooked vegetables, lean proteins and cereals. Choosing healthy, easily digestible foods can improve the quality of your sleep. It's important to note that eating habits are a key component to restful sleep and overall good health.

3. Avoid drinking alcohol in the evening

10 tips for sleeping through heatwaves

It is well known that alcohol consumption can affect the quality of our sleep. In fact, alcohol is a central depressant that can disrupt the sleep mechanism by increasing body temperature, disrupting breathing and causing restless dreams. To promote restful sleep, it is recommended to limit alcohol consumption before going to sleep, or better yet, to avoid drinking alcohol before sleeping.

There are healthier alternatives to help you fall asleep. Water is an ideal choice because it hydrates your body and promotes proper digestion. Lukewarm to cool water is particularly effective in lowering your body temperature and helping you fall asleep more easily.

Herbal infusions are also an interesting option for promoting restful sleep. Chamomile is particularly effective in relieving insomnia and promoting peaceful sleep.

Our tip? Make yourself an iced chamomile tea for a refreshing and soothing effect before bed.

4. Refresh your room

10 tips to help you fall asleep on a hot summer's night

To improve the quality of your sleep and promote natural sleep, it is recommended that you ventilate your room 30 minutes before bedtime. The fresh air will help reduce your body temperature and remove air pollutants that can disrupt your sleep. However, it is important to note that to avoid mosquitoes that can prevent sleep, it is best to turn off the lights or get screens.

5. Take a cold shower

10 tips for sleeping in hot weather

To reduce your body temperature and make it easier to fall asleep, there are several effective tips. One of them is to take a warm or cold shower before going to bed. A cool shower can help lower your body temperature, which can help you fall asleep faster.

Another tip is to dip your feet in a basin of cool water before going to bed.

6. Have a mister nearby

How do you fall asleep in the heat?

One of our favorite secrets for getting to sleep quickly in hot weather is to always have a thermal water mist on your bedside table to cool down overheated areas of your body, such as your legs and feet, by spraying cool water on these areas.

By using a thermal water mist before going to bed, you can also enjoy the benefits of thermal water. Thermal spring water is rich in minerals and trace elements and has moisturizing, soothing and relaxing properties for the skin. In addition, using a thermal water mist allows you to benefit from an immediate refreshment without having to take a shower or immerse your feet in water.

7. Sleeping in silk pajamas

The thermoregulatory properties of Silk are no longer to be proven. Sleeping in silk pajamas in summer, offers us coolness because silk evacuates heat and is anti-transpirant. On the contrary, in winter, it allows the body to keep its heat. The silk pajamas adapt to the seasons to keep a quality sleep.

Sleeping in silk pajamas in summer is therefore ideal for falling asleep quickly and spending a restful night. Moreover, silk is naturally soft and light, for a maximum comfort, and hypoallergenic, for the sensitive or allergic persons.

8. Sleep in natural sheets

Which material helps you fall asleep in hot weather?

The choice of materials for your bedding has a great impact on your sleep. In summer, choose bed linens with a natural composition such as cotton, silk or linen. These materials are thermoregulatory and will provide your body with freshness throughout the night.

9. Use a cooling mattress topper

Refresh bed topper

If, despite all our tips for sleeping better in hot weather, you still can't get to sleep and cool off, consider using a cooling mattress topper. Foam mattresses are warmer than spring mattresses, so with a cooling topper you don't need to change mattresses.

10. Cool your bed with ice water

10 tips for falling asleep in hot weather

Just as we use a hot water bottle to warm up in the winter, you can use a bottle of cool or ice water to cool your bed in the summer. Place it under your comforter or on your pillow for an immediate feeling of freshness. This simple and effective tip will help you fall asleep faster and get a quality night's sleep in hot weather.

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