Our commitments to ethical fashion

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Our commitment N°1


We attach great importance to transparent communication.

In an ethical approach, our choice of materials, their origin and their certifications but also our production workshops and our actions for a more responsible fashion will no longer be a secret for you.

You will find in each product description, the traceability of our fabrics as well as the mention "100% French manufacture".

We are a brand close to our community and we share every day on social networks, since 2019, our backstage on the evolution in the design of this collection. You are the decision-maker in case of doubts in the elaboration of our packaging, our labels or in the colors of our fabrics.

We wish to share with you the evolution of Gaïanne and make you participate in the creations while leaving a part of mystery until each launch.

Our commitment N°2

100% French manufacturing

In an era where the vast majority of clothing is manufactured outside the European Union, making all of our clothing in France was our highest priority to support our national know-how and reduce our carbon footprint.

pyjamas woman silk made in France

Our commitment N°3

Materials of natural origin

100% French or European

All fabrics used are made from natural fibers and are Oeko-Tex® certified. This certification guarantees the non-toxicity of the textiles.

The origin and high quality of our materials are important criteria in the development of our products.

Our silks are woven in Lyon, a capital city known for its beautiful high-end silks. They are Oeko-Tex® and GOTS certified.

Our viscose of our first collection is designed in France and printed in Portugal, it is also certified Oeko-Tex®.

All the laces we select are French High Lace. They are woven, thanks to a unique know-how, in the Hauts-de-France in Calais and Caudry.
The laces are made from a mixture of natural fibers like rayon and synthetic fibers with nylon. It is unfortunately very rare and expensive to find silk laces. Our Calais laces are Oeko-Tex® certified.

Our commitment N°4

Short collections

We wish to limit overconsumption by favoring short collections and a reasonable stock. We favor restocking far from overstocking.

pyjamas made in France

100 %

of our clothes are
made in France

98 %


100 %

of our fabrics are French or
European and certified
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